Moving & Portable Storage in Appleton, WI

Go Mini's Moving & Portable Storage in Appleton, WI, can help you with any of your residential or commercial storage needs. Whatever you need stored, we can deliver the right portable storage container to you. We offer containers in three sizes: 12 feet, 16 feet, and 20 feet. We're the only national storage company offering a large 20-foot storage container, which will allow you to fit more in one container rather than renting several.

Our portable storage units are built for the long haul, ensuring the safety of your belongings with a careful climate-controlled environment that prevents mold or mildew. Our units also have high-quality locks ensuring only authorized people can gain access to your items. You can come to us for:

  • Containers with padded wheels and smooth interiors
  • Units that sit eight inches off the ground for easy loading

We offer monthly storage of clients' items at reasonable rates. You can go online to get a free quote for our services in the Appleton area. Use Go Mini's Moving & Portable Storage for a move that's easy and painless.

About Go Mini's

Go Mini's delivers the Form of a Container. We don't just rent containers; we simplify your moving and storing experience. Our portable storage system was designed to beat the competition with more internal packing space, more tie-down points, and a local customer service team. Whether you're moving or simply storing at your home or business, we cater the experience to your needs and timetable.

Take a second to remember your last move. Pretty bad huh? Don't let history repeat itself. Get an instant quote today and see what the Form of a Container looks like!

Compare Go Mini's to PODS and other competitors:

More Space

The largest container that Go Mini's offers has 29% more cubic feet than the largest container that PODS offers. You could pack six love-seats into that space!

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More Savings

You can take advantage of the Go Mini's savings by renting our large 20ft. container as opposed to renting multiple PODS containers.

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Padded Wheels

Our delivery system includes padded wheels that allow us to smoothly roll the Go Mini's container onto your driveway with soft contact.

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More Tie-Down Points

Go Mini's 16ft. containers offer 25% more tie-down points than PODS comparable 16ft. container.

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Local & Non-Corp Owned

Go Mini's Franchise and Dealer locations are all owned by a local or regional entity and not fully or partially owned corporately.

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Smooth Interior

None of Go Mini's containers have porous treated lumber walls that run a higher risk of splintering or holding odor than smooth-coated steel.

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